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The answer is „Yes“
Before you continue reading make sure you have checked out these awesome new videos about Siwarex WP321

We took three modules from the Siwarex line of electronic weighing systems and combining them with other state-of-the art software technologies we carefully crafted for you a small, yet powerful software application in order to increase your productivity even further when using these already great products by Siemens. As a result we are proud to present the WaageScan Lite – the new look into the Siwarex universe. And we are sharing this with you completely free of charge. It is hard to believe, but it is true: no subscribtions, no ads, no bundled software, no in-app purchases. A pure and simple get-the-job-done concept. So, what are you waiting for – grab your Christmas present and start measuring weight right away!


WaageScan Lite is a Windows program which communicates with Siemens Siwarex WP231, WP241 and WP251 electronic weighing modules via Modbus TCP. It reads the most important parameters from the module it is connected to, shows them on the screen and saves them in a database to be exported later in a CSV format. The program also allows the user to execute a set of module commands. If you need more information about WaageScan Lite and/or the Siwarex products, please use the official Siemens discussion forum to ask your question.


  • All important parameters of the connected module are displayed at a glance. The module settings can not be changed in order to preserve the configuration made by the commissioner
  • The operator is able to execute a set of commands to control the operation of the module
  • The application maintains a database in order to log the status of the module
  • The content of the database can be exported to a CSV-File for further processing
  • The graphical user interface is intuitive and has a slick contemporary look
  • The application is small, portable (no installation is necessary) and easy to learn

Click here to see the full list of displayed parameters, supported commands and database content for each Siwarex module.


Masks of the supported Siwarex modules:

Mask of WP231


Mask of WP241


Mask of WP251
Database tables:


Database table for WP231


Database table for WP241


Database table for WP251


  1. Click here to download WaageScan Lite 3.2.000 (7.83 MB rar)*
  2. Extract the archive in a folder of choise
  3. Start WaageScan Lite.exe
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen

* WaageScan Lite is free of charge and can be freely used and shared. The program is designed to suit the needs of the most Siwarex users and is provided „AS IS“. However, if it does not completely satisfy the specific requirements of your particular application, please send a request to office@simplex-bg.net and we will be glad to discuss the case with you and offer you a solution.