Simplex – Rabadjiyska & Co.

Simplex-Rabadjiyska & Co. was founded in 1990 in the form of unlimited partnership with the following scope of activity: automation of technological processes, energy management, development and sale of software and electronic devices, organization and realization of scientific and technical consultations and investigations in the field of computer technology, electromagnetic compatibility and measurement equipment, organization of courses for the enhancement of the qualification of engineers, service and maintenance of electronic devices, provision of scientific and technical information in the field of computer technology, the automation field, EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and measurement equipment. Simplex is a partner of Siemens LTD. in the field of industrial automation. Furthermore, the company is an authorized service of Siemens in the sphere of industrial electronics.


  • Process Automation
  • Energy Management
  • Systems for energy monitoring
  • Energy audits
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (ЕМС)
  • Service of industrial electronics
  • Biotechnological processes


Simplex-Rabadjiyska & Co. is an official partner of: