deinosti1Process Automation

  • Heat– and mass– transfer processes—dryers, heat exchangers, pasteurizing processes, recuperators, conditioning systems;
  • Burning processes—furnaces, water heating and steam boilers;
  • Biotechnological processes;
  • Processes in treatment facilities and filters;
  • Process control with minimum fuel and electrical energy consumption.

deinosti2Energy Efficiency

  • Energy Management Systems;
  • Energy audits;
  • Supervisor control on energy criteria;
  • Solving decision-making problems.

Service and Support

  • Authorized External Service Partner (ESP) of Siemens for I DT Products;
  • Service of industrial electronics.

deinosti3Electromagnetic Compatibility (ЕМС)

  • Evaluation of the electromagnetic situation—measurement the level of conductive and radiation continuous and impulse disturbances. Correlation analysis of the gathered data;
  • Establishment of methodology for testing technical equipment towards electromagnetic compatibility;
  • Technical solutions for decreasing electromagnetic disturbances—constructive solutions, apparatus, software and apparatus-software solutions.